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How Soon Can You Get The Coronavirus Vaccine? – Bill Gates Provides Answers

On his blog, GateNotes, Bill Gates revealed that the coronavirus vaccine will be ready within a period of nine months to two years. However, even when it becomes ready, it will take longer to reach everyone on earth.


The Billionaire investor and philanthropist highlighted many of the challenges that the world has to overcome to provide the vaccine.


Gates explained that while many people are more worried about the efficacy of a possible coronavirus vaccine, health experts know that safety is just as important as well.


Efficacy refers to the capacity of a vaccine to protect one from getting sick. Safety on the other is concerned about how safe the vaccine is for humans.


To further help the average person understand why the coronavirus vaccine could take as long nine months to two years to make. Bill Gates revealed that usually, vaccines take about five years.


The several processes involved in making a complete working vaccine adds to this delay. Yet, all the various phases are necessary.

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But, there are also many reasons why he is optimistic that you can get the coronavirus vaccine soon. One of these reasons is that funding is not a challenge. Governments and several other organisations are taking care of the financial aspect of the research.


By 9th April, Bill Gates said, there were already “115 different COVID-19 vaccine candidates”. Personally, he thinks that “eight to ten of those look particularly promising”.


Yet, discovering a vaccine is not all that it takes. Thus, he revealed another reason why the coronavirus vaccine will be ready soon.


Usually, the mass production of vaccines requires facilities to be put in place. Also, in a normal scenario, this will cause delays even after a ‘perfect’ vaccine has been discovered.


To quicken this phase, Gates said:


“What we can do now is build different kinds of vaccine factories to prepare. Each vaccine type requires a different kind of factory. We need to be ready with facilities that can make each type, so that we can start manufacturing the final vaccine (or vaccines) as soon as we can.”


While coronavirus vaccines are still far from ready, researchers can skip past most of the time taking processes. You could be getting the vaccine as soon as January 2021, as Dr Anthony Fauci had told NBC during an interview.


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