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How Schneider Electric Is Using IoT, Cloud And Data Analytics To Improve Electrical Systems

Schneider Electric reveals that data can make power systems safer, more reliable, efficient and sustainable. It says software improvements like IoT, cloud and data analytics will play a powerful role in improving electrical systems.


The multinational energy and automation company revealed the way it is using tech to assist customers and partners in a YouTube video. You can watch the video below:



Schneider Electric says that its tech is based on the key digital transformation tools mentioned in the headline. It connects all its electric devices and equipment together, switch boards also have QR codes. This gives access to key project information like instructions and maintenance actions.


The company also uses a digital logbook app which helps them share sensitive information about the project securely. At the touch of a button, Schneider Electric reveals, they can share maintenance schedules. Also, its digital interfaces give the ability to monitor and control equipment.

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It uses embedded IoT sensors to monitor electric signals and installation parameters of connected equipment. The data is then collected and used to monitor installation. Also, it can be sent to the cloud where the company analyses the data using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and human experience. This makes it easier and more efficient to spot issues and reach faster conclusions.


Also, with the digital interface, if there is a malfunction in a part of the infrastructure, it triggers an alarm and maintenance can fix this. Additionally, Schneider Electric says its setup has predictive technology that can anticipate issues before they happen.


With this optimised maintenance in place, partners can do away with the cost of unnecessary routine inspection; instead, maintenance will be conducted when there is a reason for it. Power consumption will be reduced while the energy is optimised. Remote operation tools improve safety as it can work from outside a hazardous environment.


The company remains determined in its goal to push automated technology to the fore-front.


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