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How Much Will You Pay To Deliver Babies in Space?

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A Netherlands-based start-up called, SpaceLife Origin has plans of conceiving and delivering babies in outer space. This company planned to start operation in October 2019 through only three different missions.


The company had the bizarre dream of starting the unnecessary feat of making human reproduction possible in space. The three missions needed to make this possible will be the stages necessary for successful human reproduction in space.


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The first mission is called the Mission Ark. People in need of the service would have their sperm and eggs sent into low earth orbit inside a small satellite. The test tubes would cost between $30,000 and $125,000 each. This part of the procedure is expected to kick off operations by 2020.


Babies in Space
Mission Ark: To Babies in Space


Finally, the next stage is Mission Lotus. It would require reproductive cells to be sent into space for fertilization in a unique incubator. After four days it would be sent back to earth for implantation. These round of operations are expected to start in 2021. They are expected to cost up to $5 million per client. However, in recent reports, this part of the operation has been suspended.


Space Babies

The last bit has also been suspended. It was called the Mission Cradle. A pregnant along with a medical team would be sent to space to deliver her baby. This part of the mission was scheduled to kick off in 2024.


However, in recent reports, medical experts have expressed concerns about the safety of the procedures. These concerns have caused the company, SpaceLife Origin to suspend a lot of its proposed operations until later.


Space Babies


A statement from the CEO of the company, Kees Mulder admits that there were major safety, ethical, and medical concerns. He said this has been a reason for his decision to suspend two of the missions. “’Better safe than sorry’ so I need to distance myself from these missions,” Mulder admitted.


Nonetheless, Mulder’s LinkedIn profile indicates that he intends to chase other ambitions. Even though they are space-related, thankfully, he seems to be leaving the babies to develop normally on earth.


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