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How Many Apps Do You Really Need On Your Smartphones?

There are many apps available on smartphones and you may not need lots of them. A visit to Google PlayStore or the Apple Store will leave your head spinning with the sheer number of options.


In fact, there is an app for everything these days and if you think there isn’t, you may just be having an idea for the next one. But not all of these apps are really useful. This is not even as regards to the mundanity of some, and there are some mundane ones.


But we will not be fingering any developer today. However, here is a clue, most of the apps that come with your smartphones are useless. Otherwise, why will you have to download some new ones?


Our aim is not to choose some apps over others, but you need to know that having too many of them runs down your battery. Also, when your battery is running down regularly and at a faster rate, it ruins the overall battery life eventually.


Most times, some apps start running immediately you put on your phone. They may run in the background and you may be unaware until your phone starts heating up. So, how do you solve the problem of having too many apps?

How many apps are ‘too much’ for your smartphone?

Some new smartphone releases have impressive RAM sizes and this makes users download apps indiscriminately. As we mentioned, you may be ruining your battery and slowing reducing storage space.

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Here are some tips to know apps to uninstall now:

  1. If the app claims to ‘cool down’ your CPU, delete it. It actually does nothing.
  2. News apps should also go. They do nothing really because you end up having to use your browser to read full articles most times.
  3. Those other browsers should also go. What do you really need more than two browser apps for? Opera Mini, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Puffin, Dolphin Browser, UC Browser e.t.c., all in one phone.
  4. Delete other apps if you have up to two that do already do their jobs.
  5. Game apps that you have outgrown should not still be on your phone.
  6. Streaming apps should not be more than two (that is for variety sake), delete others.
  7. If you don’t use an app regularly, it should also not be on your smartphone. You can see when last an app is used by following the steps below:

How to check when last an app was used on iPhone

  1. Go to Settings and tap on General.
  2. Scroll down and tap on iPhone Storage.
  3. Wait for the details to load. Scroll down to see a list of apps and the last time they were opened.
  4. Tap an app to see details, offload or delete the app.

How to check when last an app was used on Android

  1. Open your Google Play Store.
  2. Tap on the menu option (the three horizontal lines on the top left).
  3. Then tap on My apps & games and then on Installed.
  4. You are able to see the last time installed apps were used.

Optimise your smartphone usage and get rid of useless apps.


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