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How Lagosians Have Quickly Adapted To The Okada Ban

On 1st February 2020, the Lagos Okada ban which Lagosians thought would be a bluff, came into full effect. It meant that there will be no commercial bikes on some major roads.


Not many had anticipated the adverse effect it will have on movements and the lives of the everyday Lagosian, especially the working class.


I can remember that 1st February being a Saturday, and that day being very difficult. There was scarcity of buses and price hikes. The population of motorist also increased.


Many called out for help, many of them pleading with the state government to review their decision. Many took up placards and banners, marching on towards the State house calling for the decision to be revoked. Radios and TV stations had their fill with contents.


The social media space was even more busy. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were used as mediums to let out angers and inner thoughts.


Lagos Okada ban

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Many had been sure the government will get tired of the ban, and the sustenance of the ban will not see the end of February 2020. Despite the outcry by Lagosians to the state government which fell on deaf ears, the Okada ban stood and is still standing.


It’s March and the buzz about the ban, seems to have faded. Nigerians have since learnt how to adapt to changes concerning their way of life. It looks like an inbuilt ability instilled in us by the maker when we are birthed. Lagosians seems to be high on this ability.


They have all learnt new hacks and measures to make life easier. People reset their alarms from 5am to 4am. Many also make it a habit of leaving their offices, latest by 5pm. The use of google maps has increased. It is now wise to check roads, and see free and blocked routes before movement is made.


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