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How Google Password Checkup Will Stop You From Reusing Passwords

Google is trying to stop you from reusing old passwords. To achieve that aim, its Password Checkup feature will join the Security Checkup dashboard built into every Google account. The search engine cites a poll it published in February 2019, saying at least 52 percent of internet users reuse their passwords for multiple accounts.


“Passwords are one of the worst things on the internet. Though they’re essential for security and to help people log in to many apps and websites, they’re one of the primary, if not the primary, ways that people actually end up getting compromised,” Mark Risher, Google’s senior director for account security, identity, and abuse told The Verge.


A Google poll infographic showing the behaviour of internet users pertaining to security. Photo: Google.


The poll also stated that 13% of internet users reuse the same password for all of their accounts. Microsoft in 2019 also said that 44 million Microsoft accounts used logins that had been leaked online.

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Google uses its password manager, which is integrated into Google Accounts on Chrome and Android, to help save passwords and autofill them on websites and apps. This has helped many not to at least bother with trying to remember multiple complex passwords. This is because Google’s password manager auto-fills the passwords on the accounts as needed.


The password checkup tool works by checking logins against a database of 4 billion leaked credentials. If it discovers a match with one of the leaked passwords, it then asks you to change it. Password checkup first launched as Chrome extension in February 2019. Google then built it into Google Accounts in October 2019 and in December 2019 into Chrome.


Google is not alone in trying to help its users choose uncompromised passwords. The next version of Apple’s Safari has a built-in password monitoring tool that could work similarly to Google’s. Apple announced the feature at the WWDC 2020. Google plans to make Password Checkup available in Chrome even if users aren’t logged into a Google account later this year.


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