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How Fast Is Internet Download Speed In Nigeria? See How The Country Ranks Worldwide

During the pandemic, it has become glaring that the internet is more important than most people previously acknowledged. But, when using the internet, its speed can determine your productivity, see how fast network connectivity is in Nigeria when compared to other countries.


According to Speedtest Global Index, Nigeria ranks 108th when it comes to mobile downloads speed and 150th in terms of fixed broadband. The country has an average of 15.13MB per second on mobile downloads and 8.96MB per second on fixed broadband.


When compared to South Korea, which leads the mobile download speed chart, Nigeria is six times slower than the Asian country. It gets worse when you compare the fixed broadband speed in Nigeria to chart-topper Singapore. The country has an average speed of 198.46MB per second, which is about 22 times more than the African nation’s speed.

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Internet broadband speed in Nigeria is also nearly two times slower than those of South Africa and its neighbours, Ghana. South Africa has an average fixed broadband speed of 33.14MB per second; and Ghana’s speed is pegged at 32.98MB per second.


Turkey and Morocco lead the chart in Africa when it comes to mobile downloads speed. Turkey boasts an impressive 31.57MB per second average while Morocco manages to achieve a speed of 30.88MB per second. Both countries are ranked 58th and 59th respectively. Other African nations such as: Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and more rank higher than Nigeria in mobile downloads speed rating.


With many of Nigeria’s working population are doing so remotely at this time; Internet Service Providers (ISPs) would need to improve to be better able to satisfy customers. They can do this by improving their infrastructure and regular maintenance of network towers.


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