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How does BeReal app work? See key details to know

Get on BeReal now, the next big social media app

BeReal is a French social media app that has been hyped as the next TikTok, here is how it works.

The BeReal platform is quite different from all other social media networks currently available. The idea behind the app is in its name and it offers the world something like the early Facebook; a chance to connect with real friends. It does not encourage ‘perfection’, quite the opposite.

How does BeReal app work?

When you create an account on the BeReal app, you should bear in mind that you are ready to be real. It sends a notification to users at a random time of the day and opens a two-minute window when they can post a picture of what they are doing at that moment.

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Once the time elapses, you will be penalised for posting late and this means that you won’t be able to see what others have uploaded until you post. Also, it is only after posting a day that you will be able to access the app’s Discovery section.

While you can retake photos until you get one that you prefer, others will see how many times you retook the image. It has not edit or filter buttons and shows no follower count. Another interesting thing is that BeReal does not have a like feature. Instead, others can react with emojis or a selfie mimicking an emoji.

So, it is hard to gauge fame on the platform at this time. In addition, there are no ads, so, we don’t know how the owners earn money yet.

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