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How Coronavirus Is Helping TikTok Surge Towards 2 Billion Downloads

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It seems the outbreak of coronavirus worldwide is helping TikTok experience a surge in the number of downloads in App stores. Millions of people confined to their homes due to the fast-spreading disease have turned to the short video platform to alleviate boredom.


Bored citizens have been posting cloud rave, memes and keeping video diaries of their daily activity. The surge is pushing TikTok toward 2 billion lifetime downloads. TikTok was the most popular non-gaming app in February 2020 surpassing the likes of Facebook and Whatsapp.


According to Sensor Tower, TikTok had almost 1.9 billion installations across Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store. In February alone, the app generated 113 billion downloads as well as getting 28 million downloads in India alone. The app also got 6 million downloads in the US and 9.7 million downloads in Brazil.


Tiktok has close to 1.9 billion downloads. Photo: Inc42
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TikTok goes by the name Douyin in China where apart from download, it is also experiencing increased in-app spending.


Lockdowns are also noted as being responsible for this as the app amassed $46 million in revenue from China alone. In addition, it generated about $2 million in revenue from the US.


February 2020 alone accounts for 15.3 percent of TikTok’s total user spending which stands at about $330 million.


Users on the platform hold cloud raves to replace partying, post coronavirus memes and health advice in their social distancing efforts.


TikTok has received most of its downloads via Google Play Store with 93.2 million downloads in February 2020. The App Store meanwhile has generated 19.7 million downloads. However, these figures do no account for third-party Android stores in China and elsewhere.


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