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Hot Space: Chilli Pepper To Become First Fruit Grown In Space

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NASA plans to send crewed missions to other planets that will take months to get to. The new propulsion technology means it will equally take months for the return trips. All these would mean there is probably no way the astronauts will be able to take enough food with them on these missions. That’s why this news of the first fruit grown in space is so exciting.


The astronauts headed to other planets on these missions that will probably take years will most likely need to find a way to grow their own food. NASA had, in 2015, grown lettuce aboard the space station.


It was a major breakthrough for a project that they worked on for years. The other foods that they had tried to grow in space had been subjected to thorough scientific analysis on its return to earth.




Food and fruit grown in space

NASA is now taking bold strides to lay the foundation for new research that would see the growth of the first fruit in space. The humble species of the Espanola chilli pepperwill be the first fruit to be grown and harvested in space.


They mostly chose this fruit because it is low maintenance and it has a short growth period. It also has essential vitamins and minerals. It isn’t too spicy and contains a rich amount of antioxidants too. NASA will send the seeds of the Espanola chilli to space in 2020.


Space Chilli


This will open doors to several other crops that will be grown in space for the consumption of astronauts. Apart from lettuce, other vegetables successfully grown in space are peas and cabbages.


NASA also developed a Veggie Plant Growth Facility. It will use the facility at the International Space Station. It is a kit that has LED light banks that will aid the growth of plants in difficult conditions.

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