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Honda’s New Electric Vehicle Replaces Side Mirrors With Cameras

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Honda’s new Electric Vehicle (EV), the Honda E, will have its side mirrors replaced with cameras as a standard feature. The drivers will also have a six-inch screen on each side of the dashboard to make up for the mirror display. This will boost efficiency and offer a better perspective for drivers.


The driver will also be able to choose between views in Honda’s new vehicle. There is an option of a “wide view” and a “normal view.” They both will extend the field of vision further than regular side mirrors. It will reduce blind spots by 10% and 50%.


Honda says its extensive poor weather, low light and night-time testing make these new improvements possible. An enhanced camera angle from the sides will also expand visibility. The interior screen brightness levels will automatically adjust to light conditions.



The Japanese company also says it will reduce aerodynamic drag by about 90%. This will result in a 3.8 per cent improvement for the entire vehicle compared to conventional door mirrors. It will also cut down wind noises at higher speeds.


In March 2019, Honda showed off the Side Camera Mirror system at the Geneva Motor Show GMS2019. They revealed consequently that they would include the technology in cars made exclusively in Europe. An official release date is estimated in the year 2020.


Honda's new electric vehicle


This is mostly because side cameras are not yet legal as options for car mirrors in the United States and most other parts of the world.


Hopefully, we will be looking forward to replacing side mirrors with cameras in Nigeria too.

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