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HMD Sets To Launch A New Nokia Feature Phone That Will Remind You Of The XpressMusic

In reports coming out of the Chinese regulatory agency, TENAA, there seems to be a new Nokia feature phone from HMD that will make you remember the XpressMusic. Here is what we know about this phone now.


TENAA is a Chinese regulatory agency that gives approval for every product that goes on sale in the country. It is just like the FCC in the United States. Sometimes it leaks many details on products that haven’t launched yet.


Thus, GSMArena reports that HMD has a new Nokia phone in the works with the model name, TA-1212. In the pictures that the agency revealed, the coming phone shows a bar phone with a flash of red.


However, while it bears semblance to the Nokia XpressMusic from the past, it does not have the side-mounted buttons. The report also mentioned that it will be a feature phone like the Nokia 110 that was launched in 2019.


It will not be running the KaiOS operating system. Nokia’s past phones like the 2720 Flip and the 800 Tough run on the KaiOS.

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HMD Global Oy, branded as HMD, is a Finnish mobile phone company, made up of the mobile phone business that Nokia had sold to Microsoft in 2014, then bought back in 2016. HMD Oy began marketing smartphones and feature phones under the Nokia brand on 1 December 2016.


It will also be responsible for making the coming Nokia phone that will likely launch under the name of TA-1212. It will use the 0.36GHz single-core processor, 8MB of RAM and 16MB storage. This phone also has a MicroSD slot that supports cards up to 32GB so it can work as a simple MP3 player.


The screen on the front measures 2.4” and has 240 x 320px resolution. The phone is also thick, measuring up to 13.1mm and a  battery capacity of 1,200mAh.


It comes with a back camera that shoots 0.3MP stills. The specs table says no video support, not even a choppy QVGA video like the old S40 phones used to shoot. There’s an LED flash, which counts as a feature on a phone in this class. It can only use 2G connectivity.


Meanwhile, there is no launch date yet for the phone.


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