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HMD Allegedly Has Nokia 7.3 And Nokia 9.3 Planned For An Event In Q3 2020

HMD, the makers of Nokia smartphones, has reportedly scheduled an event in Q3 of 2020 that will bring customers new Nokia phones, 7.3 and 9.3. However, this depends on how things turn out by that time.


A tech blog called Nokia Power User claims to have gotten wind of the information from ‘inside sources’. It said that it had “exclusive details about the upcoming Nokia mid-ranger Nokia 7.3 and the flagship Nokia 9.3”.


These would be coming any time around July, August or September 2020. In addition, it claimed that these phones would be announced at a major event.


As we hinted in the opening, the company hinges its plans on how the COVID-19 pandemic turns out by that time. Yet, it has gone on with testing the smartphones which are said to be working fine.


The report further mentioned that there are two versions of the Nokia 7.3 mid-range phone. One of these versions will support using the 5G network. If this actually works out, HMD may blow the 5G market wide open as the phone will likely be more affordable than many high-end 5G smartphones.

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Meanwhile, the Nokia 9.3 is nicknamed Nokia 9.3 PureView. It will be a flagship device to take over from the existing Nokia 9 PureView. In addition, it uses a Snapdragon 865 processor and will likely come with powerful rear and front cameras.


There are still too few confirmed specifications about these phones and we expect more leakages when it is about a month away from launch.  However, we found that Nokia 7.3 may come with between 4GB and 6GB RAM.


HMD has been raising the bar with Nokia smartphones in recent times. The company has updated about 10 Nokia phones from Android 9 to the latest Android 10 software. Late yesterday, it began rolling out updates for the Nokia 4.2 and Nokia 3.2 smartphones.


If the pandemic has not abated by the time it wants to launch the Nokia 7.3 and Nokia 9.3, the company has the option of going virtual as many others are doing.


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