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Hilda Dokubo Explains Why She Keeps Her Family Away From Social Media

Veteran Nigerian actress Hilda Dokubo has revealed why she keeps her family out of social media.

Hilda Dokubo Explains Why She Keeps Her Family Private And Away From Social Media
Hilda Dokubo

While speaking with media personality Chude Jidenwo, Dokubo said her family is special to her and as such she will not expose them to the chaos of social media.

“I have deliberately created a demarcation between Hilda the person and Hilda the actor, producer, director, and anybody in public space,” Dokubo said.

Even as a public servant, I made sure my family was left out of my work. The reason is based on experience.”

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“I’ve not seen any family that puts itself in public glare that is together as a family. No, I’m not going to subject my children to that rubbish. I will not.

The actress stressed that any family that is exposed to social media is likely to degenerate, because everyone is entitled to their opinion on the internet.

I’m also not going to make my children minced meat for anybody. Whatever you bring up on social media is like what you bring into the beer parlour, anybody can say anything.

My family is special, they are very special. They are very private and it is their right to have their own lives. I’m not going to allow my own life to meddle in theirs, hell no!”

Hilda Dokubo is a Nigerian actress with over 50 films to her credit. She’s also an activist and was once the special adviser on youth affairs to Peter Odili, former governor of Rivers State.


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