Highlights From The 2020 Forbes Cloud 100 List Released Today

Highlights From The 2020 Forbes Cloud 100 List Released Today

Every year, since 2016, Forbes, in partnership with Bessemer Venture Partners and Salesforce Ventures produce a list recognizes the top 100 private cloud companies. Here are the highlights from the 2020 Forbes Cloud 100 list.


The criteria for the list includes; growth, sales, valuation and culture. In addition, it also has to do with valuation score that 43 CEO judges and executives award.


Cloud technology has grown remarkably popular in 2020. It has sustained businesses as the global pandemic meant that a huge number of them had to turn to cloud storage. In fact, many businesses only began taking cloud storage seriously when the lockdown restrictions meant employees had to work remotely.


In first place on Forbes Cloud 100 list for 2020 is Snowflake. This is a database-focused firm that has over 2,000 employees. Snowflake has raised a total funding of $1.4 billion and had risen from its number 2 position on the list in 2019.

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Stripe comes second, a drop from its top position in 2019. Stripe is a California based payments software that has raised $1.6 billion in funding. Others in the top 10 include UiPath, HashiCorp, Databricks, Confluent and others.


Canva also entered the top 10 for the first time since the list started. The design software platform based in Australia has 1,000 employees and has raised a funding of $300 million.


At number 15 is Checkout.com, a payments software that became very popular during the pandemic as more people sought ways to make cashless payments. Grammarly is placed 76th and visual web development platform, Webflow, Is 97th on the list.


All companies on the 2020 Forbes Cloud 100 list are worth a combined $270 billion. Many of them had seen their services become more sought after during the pandemic. Also, about 87 of these companies are worth $1 billion or more. This is an increase from the 65 worth so in the 2019 list.


It is clear that cloud technology is growing and more and more people are relying on it. Here is a complete list of the companies on the 2020 Forbes Cloud 100 list.


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