You are currently viewing Artificial Intelligence: HiddenLayer AI security startup emerges from stealth mode
HiddenLayer AI security startup emerges from stealth

Artificial Intelligence: HiddenLayer AI security startup emerges from stealth mode

HiddenLayer, a startup that provides non-invasive AI security, emerges from stealth mode to tackle the industry’s biggest weakness.

Although the AI industry is still relatively new, there are already threats to its security as bad actors aim to use adversarial data to tamper with them. This includes data poisoning, which is to corrupt the training datasets and reprogram algorithms.

For example, fake accounts on social media or even genuine ones may engage in a misinformation campaign by mass producing false information. Without security protocols, the recommendation AI would be deceived into promoting the falsehood and helping it reach more people.

For AI, it could be much worse. And as a Gartner report shows, 30% of AI cyberattacks in 2022 take advantage of this because they can’t break into its API directly.

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What HiddenLayer, which received a seed funding of $6 million, aims to do is protect AI from this attack. It does not need access to clients’ raw data or algorithms to do this. Instead, it will study model interactions or input and its output predictions to identify patterns that could be malicious.

In an interview with TechCrunchfounder Chris Sestito claimed that the danger posed by AI hacks is not very far off, and many companies could be in danger. “Virtually all enterprise organizations have made significant resource contributions to machine learning to give themselves an advantage — whether that value is in the form of product differentiation, revenue generation, cost savings or efficiencies,” he said.

As of when this article was published, the company had no customers but has been in touch with high-profile design partners, according to Sestito.

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