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Here’s Why Flying Cars Are Coming Sooner Than You Think

Flying cars? It probably sounds like something out of a science fiction film. But, according to the tech firms creating them, they are about to become real. Necessitated by the need to overcome traffic congestion, some of these companies have brought us engineering wonders. Other advancements are products of research.


Soon, the sky would be filled with more vehicles than just conventional airplanes. They all can take off vertically, a characteristic of aircrafts using rotors, unlike airplanes.


To prove that flying cars are coming sooner than you think, take a look at some companies set to make this great feat happen.


The Vimana AAV

Vimana Global makes these vehicles. As the name implies, Vimana Autonomous Air Vehicle (Vimana AAV) does not need a pilot. Engineers used blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to create these flying cars. They said, with the blockchain in place, the flying vehicles would not hit each other. For now, the one shown in the video below can fly for 550 miles and carry up to 900 Ibs (408 kg).



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Pop.Up Next

This is an autopilot taxi prototype designed by Audi, Airbus, and Italdesign. With the German government’s full backing, this flying taxi may be in the market soon. A presentation in Amerstadan showed the world the vehicle in 2018. Although it is a miniature version, it achieved some feats. It could detach from a four-wheel vehicle, fly for some time and re-attach to it. Check out a video of its performance.



Lilium Jet

This is aircar was tested initially with vertical flights. After 100 successful ones, the manufacturers are now trying to make it go horizontally. And, despite it not being able to fly fully horizontal, they are hopeful. The Lilium jet can also carry two passengers and may be able to carry five people by 2025. See a video of the jet below.



Uber and NASA

Reports claim that by 2020, the result of the contract between Uber and NASA would be seen. The taxi company agreed to work with NASA on flying cars. With the wealth of experience and ability this cooperation will bring together, we cannot doubt the reports. Watch a video presentation below.



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