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Here’s Why Cardi B Deserves To Be Given Honorary Nigerian Citizenship

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Top American rapper Cardi B deserves honorary Nigerian citizenship for her visit to the country. The Grammy award-winning artist was in Nigeria from Thursday 5th to Saturday, 8th December 2019, for the Livespot X Festival.


To say the artiste came prepared to have fun in Nigeria is an understatement. A day after her arrival, she said she wanted Jollof rice and wanted to visit “the ghetto”. The rapper shared this on her Instagram story.


On Friday, she had a meet and greet with fans tagged convo with Cardi. Cardi B met with Juliet Ibrahim and Instagram celebrity Collins ‘Shadyville08’ Chukwu who is known for mimicking celebrities.


On Saturday, the “Bodak Yellow” singer visited Ebeano Supermarket where she bought groceries she took to The Lion’s Village motherless babies home in Lekki.


cardi b visits orphanage


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Cardi B gave herself a Nigerian name, Chioma. She also accepted the Yoruba name, Ayo, for her daughter, Kulture.


In an interview with Cool FM 96.9 OAPs N6 and Taymi B, she confirmed speculations about the current viral video that revealed a surprise verse of herself on Davido’s hit song, “Fall”. According to her, they recorded the song as far back as nine months ago, and her label had something to do with the delay in release.


On Saturday night, Cardi B and her dancers dressed in a green and white outfit, as they performed at Eko Atlantic for the highly anticipated Livespot X Festival.


Later, on arriving in America, she posted on her Instagram story status that she was “missing Nigeria”.



Nigerians have since applauded the humility of Cardi B during her visit to Nigeria. She came to the level of everyone she met and ensured she entertained her fans.


We look forward to another Cardi B concert in Nigeria, hopefully, a few years from now.


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