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Here’s What You Should Never Wear To A Job Interview

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You’re under enough pressure as it is thinking about how best to prepare for your job interview. It is equally discouraging when you realise that a mistake in your appearance can cost you the job even before you begin the interview.

It’s isn’t easy going through an interview, especially when you aren’t sure what to expect. That’s why there’s the saying, “If you fail to prepare, be prepared to fail.” You need to be prepared in every aspect and what you wear plays a key part in the preparation phase.

So, let’s get down to business!

Getting what not to wear for an interview on your list would give you some insight into knowing what to wear. We understand that going through an interview can be a daunting task. But you reading this right now proves that you’ve taken an extra step to ace this interview. There is no proven fact that dressing appropriately for an interview gets you the job, but it does play a part in helping you get addressed in a certain way.

First of all, ensure you carry out your research. This is because you might follow these rules and still end up wearing the wrong thing. Some organisations have a very casual dress culture and require their interviewees to dress similarly. These days, it is quite easy to get the number of the Head of Human Resources online. Politely ask them for the company’s dress culture; their response will assist you in knowing what to wear for your interview. This just might earn your marks as a responsible member of staff they should employ.

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Now that we’ve covered that, what clothes should you strike off your list and throw out the closet?

Ensure you avoid anything that’s too distracting and flamboyant. It could be the colour, design or fabric. If it attracts unwarranted attention, then it’s not what you should wear.

Also, avoid wearing too-heavy perfume. This can be overwhelming and that will not speak well of your image. Endeavour to smell nice, but let your perfume not be too overwhelming to your interviewers. No matter how expensive it is or how many people compliment your fragrance, keep it mild. Wear a deodorant that gives you a soft scent.

Steer clear from ripped and baggy clothes. You can wear them when hanging out with your friends or you’re having solo thrills. Although some companies may have a casual dressing culture, it’s only decent that you don’t expose your skin and abuse the privilege. Ensure you look responsible for what you choose to wear.

We’re almost done!

You can get away with anything but dirty or rumpled clothes. Arriving at an interview with dirty or stained clothes sends a nonverbal message that you’re not efficient enough to take care of your dirty laundry. The night before the interview, run through your questions and ensure your outfit is clean and ironed.

Finally, wear comfortable shoes that would boost your confidence. You don’t want to arrive with wobbly feet or in loafers that make you seem like you ran from your gym to their office. Take time to clean your formal shoes and inspect them to be certain they don’t need mending.

Good luck with your interview!

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