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Here’s How You Can Save Up For a Vacation

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The thought of going on a vacation is exciting but short-lived when you think about the expenses. There’s a lot of cash involved and you have to deal with those heavy Naira all up in your face. But the difference between the ever-so excited person and the one who decides to just takes a detour to the village is in preparation.


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You don’t necessarily need a million in your account if you plan your trip early. It could be a Dubai vacation, Italy or even one to the nearest place, Ibadan; just prepare. It’s going to be one wild,m exciting trip for you, as well as a break from your routine once you play your cards right. Save up early enough and cash won’t be a problem.


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Determine where you’re going

You need to determine where you’re going. Don’t leave it to the very last minute to come up with a vacation destination. The location of your trip would determine how much you need to save up. So, if you haven’t decided on the location just yet, then ask yourself these questions to help you decided where you would go.

  • Why do you want to travel?
  • When do you want to travel?
  • What kind of vacation do you want? Educational, Culture, Adventure or Relaxing?
  • Do you want to travel local or overseas?
  • How long is your trip?
  • Will you be travelling alone?
  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • Do you want a quality or quantity vacation?


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Motivate yourself

Once you’ve determined where you’re going you can now begin with the motivation technique. Believe it, you will get discouraged when you see those figures. Hence, you should print out a shot of your vacation destination and paste it around you. You can put in on the wall of your bedroom, in your car, or even your office. That should be good enough to help you remember you have a vacation to work towards.


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Here’s How You Can Save Up For a Vacation

It’s hard to think about how fun a vacation would be when you realise you have to pay for it. If you have someone else paying for yours then that’s superb. But there are other means of paying for your trip without getting discouraged. You may have been thinking about travelling the wrong way after all. Once you follow this saving plan prior to when your trip begins, you can even have enough to buy a Cinderella glass slippers.


  • How much do you have?

Having determined how much you’re willing to spend and the destination, you can do the maths. What do you have already and what do you need to add to it. Knowing the exact sum would help you work towards it. Now you have a plan, move on to the next phase.

  • Cut expenses

Think about it, how much do you really need? Draw out all the cost (flight ticket if any, accommodation, feeding estimate, logistics, clothing, etc). Try to cut the cost by looking for a more affordable accommodation, using a tour guide that’s more affordable or going around yourself. There are many ways you can cut the cost like even using a bus instead of a cab.


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  • Start a saving plan

How much income do you have coming in? You can increase your savings and can even open a piggy-bank to ensure you don’t spend it. You can have a specific amount debited every month from your account.

  • Get freelance jobs

If your salary may not be enough for you to fund your trip, you can start freelancing. You may also start a small business if that’s your turf.

  • Consider free flights and deals

There are many amazing flight deals you can get your hands on – cheap flight as well. If Dubai is your travel destination, then you can get cheap flight offers. Don’t let money hold you back from the adventure of a lifetime.


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