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How To Have Mess-Free Period S*x

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Period s*x can, quite literally, be a bloody mess. It’s like your very own mini crime scene on your sheets. Where you have your escapades depends on how kinky you choose to be. It could be the regular bed, innovative stairs or maybe even beneath the bed — no judging. Every woman has her s*xual preference and, for some, it’s having the natural lubricant making their org*sms much more enjoyable.




Perks of period s*x

Some of the perks of period s*x include the following:

  • Natural lubrication: During your period, your blood acts as lubrication, which makes s*x more enjoyable. This is more beneficial for those who have little arousal lubrication. And, as a woman, your hormones fluctuate during this period, causing you to enjoy s*x more than usual.
  • Reduced headaches: S*x on period may also help to reduce migraines and headache pain.
  • Your period doesn’t last long: Another advantage to having period s*x is that the contracting of the uterus during an org*sm can speed up the shedding period of your uterine lining.
  • Instant relief from menstrual cramps: Rather than pop a pain reliever to ease the pain, you can just have period s*x to make the cramps go away. How does this work? The magic tool is your org*sm. When you have an org*sm, the muscles of your uterus contract. After the release, you get instant relief from period cramps.


However tempting the perks may be, period s*x can be an absolute mess if done naturally. It’s not an easy wam-bam get outta town s*x, but a case of leaving a trail of blood behind every step. For regular period s*x, you can have it following the guidelines below.


How to have a regular period s*x

  1. Lay a towel on the bed right where you would have the intercourse.
  2. Ensure you have wet wipes by the bed to clean up after you’re done.
  3. Remember to use a latex condom as it is still possible to get pregnant or either give or contract STIs.
  4. Use the missionary position as this is most preferable when having period s*x. (Any other position could be disastrous as it may cause a downpour of blood).
  5. The smell of period blood isn’t pleasant, so steer off oral s*x if you can. It helps to wash off first and then use a tampon before attempting oral s*x. (We also have an alternative for you to check out below. Just read on for it.)
  6. If you’re in for it, you could also have s*x in the shower. Just ensure that you’re in a position to not fall down and break a body part while at it.


Although you could use a tampon during s****l activities, some ladies realise it’s not as smart either. First, you need to remember to pull the tampon out before your partner penetrates. Second, you may have to worry about where the blood-soaked-up tampon would be placed before you continue to the next base.


If you or your partner don’t find it thrilling to have intercourse in this manner, there are better alternatives. Instead of going through all that drama, you can use FLEX to close the matter. Worry less with the use of FLEX to enjoy s*x more with no mess.


Flex is an anti-tampon alternative that helps to collect blood, and it can last for about 12 hours. You wouldn’t even realise you have inserted it because of how comfortable it will be. So, while it’s collecting blood and saving you from the trouble of changing your tampon or sanitary pad, you can have s*x like any other day.


Inserting it is also easy. Although it seems big and might cause quite a scare, it is flexible.



How to insert a FLEX

Wash your hands before and after insertion.

  1. Pinch it in half.
  2. Guide the front edge through the v*ginal entrance, and tuck it up behind your pubic bone.
  3. Wear it for 12 hours and do whatever you want without worrying (swim, workout, have s*x, go to the bathroom, or sleep).
  4. When removing, sit in the toilet and slide your finger up under the front edge of FLEX and pull straight down, keeping it parallel to the floor.
  5. Empty the contents into the toilet, then wrap the empty disc with any wrapper of your choice and dispose of in the trash.


The difference between FLEX and a tampon or menstrual cup is that you insert the former straight in and then down to the base of the cervix tucked in behind the pubic bone, while you insert the latter in the v*ginal canal. You can also leave them in during s*x with no worries.


According to the manufacturer, “The menstrual disc is hypoallergenic, BPA-free, and won’t cause toxic shock syndrome while providing a 12-hour, leak-proof seal.”


Therefore, if you want to have s*x while on your period, FLEX is your best bet. Or if you would rather sit this one out, you could just wait till your period ends! The choice is yours.

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