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Here Is Why You’ll Wear Atmos Faceware When It Becomes Available In July

The Atmos Faceware from Ao Air is likely going to be a trendy wearable tech and the company says it will be out in July 2020 for $350.


Face wears are important for people living in cities where the air is highly polluted. It also comes in handy for sportsmen and sportswomen engaging activities that require clean air intakes.


Ao Air is a United States-based company that specialises in making the air generally breathable for users.


Atmos Faceware is a stylish air filter mask that the designers claim will be able to perform 50 times better than already available products. The vendors showcased it at the CES 2020.

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Its unparalleled performance is as a result of its patented PositivAir™ technology fans. This creates a positive pressure clean air environment for users to breathe freely. It also requires no seal around the mouth or nose, thus it will be more comfortable to wear.


wearable tech atmos faceware
Wearable tech, Atmos Faceware.


Features of this $350 face gear include:

  • A prefilter that removes the largest particulates while. It comes with an active Nano-Filter made from the molecular level and provides the ultimate protection from fine dust particles, pollen and ash.
  • Fans that adapt to the user’s breathing and provide up to 240l per minute of clean air. This is enough to get to work or for peak athletic performance.
  • A rechargeable Li-Ion battery that gives 5hrs+ protection as well as an off-board power option to extend life.


Atmos Faceware is a wearable tech with two options for users. One is a standalone for short wear times as well as the other comes with a headband for longer or more vigorous wear. Purchasing one for the above-mentioned price also gives a USBC cable and a carrying case.


Atmos Faceware will enter the mainstream market in July 2020, according to the company. It will however not be a walk in the park for Ao Air as Vogmask is another air filter mask vendor that sells products for cheaper. There is also a pack of other vendors when we checked on Amazon.


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