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Here Is Why Revenge Cheating Should Be A No-Go Area

Revenge cheating is a common issue among many couples, even if it just only exists as a thought. For example, the ‘Lagos Gold Digger Prank’ YouTube show that tests partners for infidelity, tested a lady for infidelity in its first episode.


As many concluded, she failed the test. However, the main point was what happened during show’s conclusion. The lady accused her boyfriend of having his own cheating runs, and that she was just reciprocating.


When asked about the accusation, he replied that he had cheated only once. He added that it was only as revenge for her frivolous activities.


The concept of infidelity revenge as payback for a cheating partner does not make sense for a host of reasons.

It’s like spitting into water that you want to drink. Ewww!! It makes you look bad, demonstrates the boundaries of your honour and accomplishes nothing.


If you are angry with your cheating partner, deal with that. Talk, open your relationship, break up, go for counseling, whatever. Lying and cheating on your partner to get back at them emotionally should be a NO-NO.


I humbly feel if you are ever cheated on in a relationship, and can’t forgive and forget, then call it quits. Being in a relationship after forgiving your partner and then cheating as pay back, only promotes negative traits.

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consequences of cheating


Take a look at the story from the opening of this post, both couple lacked trust for each other. Mistrust that developed after an initial infidelity. Even after claiming to love each other.


Infidelity could be seen as betrayal, the promise that holds one another together is broken. The first rule in a relationship is negated when one involves in this.


Even when you forgive and move on, it could be a problem that could lay dormant, and awake when conflict occurs. Surely there must be conflict.


This, if not checked may promote lack of intimacy and connection that nudges both party to keep peering over each others shoulder. Hence raising the need to always check if the other person is loyal.


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