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Here Is Why Apple News Will Stop Showing New York Times Content

The New York Times has announced that it will end its deal with Apple News because the tech firm has policies that do not align with its future plans. Read the details in this article below.


The New York Times made the announcement late on Monday, 29th June 2020. According to Reuters, the publishing company wants to build a healthy relationship between readers and content publishers. It wants to achieve this via ‘a digital subscription-based model’.


However, the kind of direct rapport The New York Times aims for would not work with the laid down model that Apple News uses. This is why the partnership between them broke down.


Currently, the publishing corporation has over four million paying subscribers after adding 468,000 new ones in the last quarter. It is also more focused on its digital platform now than on its print platform.

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Likely, this is as a result of more people preferring to go to their mobile devices for content rather than buying the hardcopy of a newspaper.


The trend is also obvious in the fact that many other news companies are switching to their online platforms; enriching it as well as tuning it to appeal to internet users.


Additionally, this news once again casts light on the fact that Apple and its third-party partner platforms have gone head-to-head over the way the tech giant conducts business. Most recently, it had been between the Hey emailing app and Apple’s App Store.


Governmental bodies have also taken an interest in the matter with one of their top members calling the fees that Apple charge, “Highway robbery”.


The New York Times is yet to name a new online partner that will publish its content.


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