You are currently viewing “He Died In My Hands”- Kess’ Wife Speaks On The Death Of Their Son

“He Died In My Hands”- Kess’ Wife Speaks On The Death Of Their Son

Kess’ wife, Angel, has explained the traumatic experience of losing her son who she explained died in her hands.

"He Died In My Hands"- Kess' Wife Speaks On The Death Of Their Son
Photo of Kess and his wife

The reality star wife stated that it isn’t an easy thing to go through. However, she trusts in God and believes that there is a reason for everything.

Angel also seized the opportunity to affirm her love for him and endorse her full support for him. She confidently stated that her husband would win the money.

Revealing his plans for the money, Kess’ wife added that he would use it to build a house for his mother, take care of his family, and plan their future.

“Hi everybody, my name is Angel. I am Kess’s wife. I know that my husband will win the show; e no be joke. He will definitely help his mum build a home in Delta and his family as well as for our future. I love my husband is woto woto, our love strong pass storm.


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Life isn’t easy for me; I support my husband with my full chest. You all know what happened to our child, and I will like to address that.

It is not very easy to talk about, but it is very traumatic. Is not a very easy thing to go through in life, no matter what life goes on, so we have to live in the best way we know how and trust God that there is a reason for everything. It was meant to be, and our child died in my arms”.

The housemate’s family opened up about the sad event on his Instagram page on August 10th 2022. According to the statement, Kess’ unborn son died three days after he entered the house.

Kess is the only married housemate this season. The winner of this year’s edition, titled “Level Up”, will go home with a grand prize of ₦100 million.

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