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HBO Max fires 14% of staff

HBO Max fires 14% of its staff, which amounts to about 70 people, as its new parent company Warner Bros. Discovery continues cleaning up exercises.

According to CNBC, the cuts mainly affect staff working in reality, casting, and acquisition divisions. It is not surprising that the layoffs are happening as Warner Bros. Discovery acquired WarnerMedia, and most of the jobs in the companies and their smaller subsidiaries could begin overlapping.

For example, Discovery+ is already offering similar services as HBO Max and has more than enough hands to run what will be the offspring of the streaming platforms coming together. Also, the reality programs for the combined streaming service will be from Discovery+, so there will be no need for the former HBO Max reality division.

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However, no shows have been canceled because HBO Max scriptwriters and filmmakers stay onboard.

Sources claim that the affected employees were part of teams under former HBO Max chief content officer Kevin Reilly. Reilly had left the company in 2020, and his teams were seen as not fit enough for the new structure that the owners were putting in place.

Since buying WarnerMedia for $43 billion in April 2022, Warner Bros. Discovery has been making some notable changes to the company. Earlier, Chief Executive Officer David Zaslav promised $3 billion in synergies from the acquisition.

In addition, Zaslav is rumoured to be resetting several DC and DCEU upcoming projects with more focus on cinematic releases instead of streaming. For one, he is canceling the Batgirl movie, which insiders are unhappy about because it was almost ready.

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