You are currently viewing HBO Max offers new subscribers 30% off for one year subscription
HBO Max offers new subscribers 30% off for one year subscription

HBO Max offers new subscribers 30% off for one year subscription

HBO Max is offering new and returning subscribers a 30 percent discount on its annual subscription: $150 (for an ad-free plan) becomes $105 and $100 (for an ad-supported plan) becomes $70.

It seems that the new streaming platform that emerged from the HBO Max and Discovery+ merger is playing all its cards at once.

Following the 14% staff layoffs and cancellation of 36 titles, the new owners recognise that the streaming platform looks like a sinking ship. To attract new subscribers and bring back old ones, it is throwing what we can only call a banquet.

Disgruntled users have gone online to decry the drastic changes that are happening at the company. Even insiders are not too happy that some of their best efforts are going to be scrapped.

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However, there is a new Sheriff in town and there is very little that can be done. So, it is best to keep dancing to the tune of the music, for people who want to keep their jobs. For paying customers, they have more options, which includes going over to rivals like Prime Video, Peacock, or Netflix.

So, what is left of HBO Max is trying to salvage the situation. The offer is valid until October 30, 2022, and is quite tempting. Even more so as the platform just began airing the prequel to the record-setting Game of Thrones TV show, House of the Dragon.

It remains to be seen if cult-following and price slash is enough to prevent the total wreckage of HBO Max.

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