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Having A Bad Hair Day? Try Out These Simple Styles For ‘Naturalistas’

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“Your hair is your crowning glory. Own it. Love it. Enjoy it!”

Honestly, we’ve all been there. Those days when we just want to throw in the towel and give in to the urge to wear a wig or just pick up a clipper to make things easier. While this might seem tempting, there are people who have survived a bad hair day, and so can you.

Some days, you just stare at yourself in the mirror, all dressed up looking all shades of gorgeous, but then you can’t comprehend what war went wrong in that bed nest-like hair. At this point, it seems like there was a meeting held amongst the hair strands and they decided to dance the tango overnight. Your bad hair day just might deserve a spot on The Guinness Book of Record, but you’re on the clock and can’t decide what to do with your hair.

We’ve compiled a list of simple styles you can do on a bad hair day. You also don’t need to be a naturalista to slay these looks, and you actually might get tempted to try these hairstyles on a good hair day. When the natural hair game seems to have packed up and left you hanging, that’s the time you need to fight back and prove that you aren’t going to let a bad hair day defeat you. Try out one of these looks when the going gets tough.

Wrap it up!

Let’s be real. After the wig, this is the next thing you think about. It’s a great idea as long as you know chic ways to wrap your hair.

Simple Fro

This is the basic bad hair day go-to hairstyle. All you need to do is to spray on your leave-in conditioner (or water if you’ve got none). Use a wide-toothed comb or your fingers to comb out your hair to give it a rugged, yet sleek look.

Asymmetrical Afro

Get your bobby pins ready because this one will need a firm hold for that classy and sophisticated natural look.


If you don’t want the afro look, you can sweep up the sides of your hair and pin or braid it to keep a firm hold on it. You should ensure the sides are sleek by brushing it up or applying your choice moisturiser or gel.

Chunky Twist-Out

This is always a rugged and cool look to do on a bad hair day or even on a good hair day.

The Bun Up-Do

This look is what anyone of any face shape and form can get away with. You can achieve this with a rubber band or a shoelace. From the edges, pull back the band or lace upwards. Ensure it has a firm hold, smoothen the edges, and then go and slay.

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