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Haraldur Thorleifsson Shares Inspiring Story On Creating Google Santa Tracker

Haraldur Thorleifsson, CEO and founder of Ueno, shared an inspiring story on designing Google Santa Tracker. His story coming via a Twitter thread also encourages other start-ups and entrepreneurs to never be hesitant about pitching their ideas.


Google Santa Tracker.
Google Santa Tracker. Photo: Google.


Google Santa Tracker is a Christmas-themed entertainment programme that comes up every year. Users can use it to follow Santa Claus’ movement on December 24 every year. Although it officially starts working on Christmas eve, users can play games, watch videos and learn through some other activities related to the festival before then.


Haraldur said that seven years ago when Google put out the call for designers he had been among the several others contacted. However, recognizing the chance he had, he went the extra mile. While others were content with the idea of just a map, he wanted something more.



He said he wanted to ‘create a world’ and with the few days he had, Haraldur offered an illustrator all his money. With his own $1,000, he and the illustrator created a prototype that convinced Google supervisors.


Despite this early breakthrough, time was also against them. Christmas was in three months and Google developers said the design would take between six to nine months to be completed.

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Google Santa Tracker Haraldur Thorleifsson
Haraldur Thorleifsson, CEO and Founder of Ueno. Photo: Adobe 99u.


Not to be discouraged, Haraldur offered another $1,000 to another developer. He did not have the money but hoped to get the contract. In just three days their functional prototype convinced the right people and he got the project.



He ended the thread by stating that the response and feedback he got was mind-blowing. The experience also gave him, who was usually hesitant, confidence to start his own design company, Ueno.



Lastly, Haraldur Thorleifsson tweeted:



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