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Hair Goals: Why You Should Slay In A Frontal This Christmas

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Christmas is exactly a week from today, and if you have plans of slaying in a weave, then we recommend getting a frontal.


Years ago, a stylist would have to stretch one’s natural hair with a straightener and then use the hair to cover a wig. This was done in order to achieve a natural look. This process wasn’t durable, as the natural hair would look rough after a few days.


Below are some beautiful reasons you should up your slay game with a frontal this Christmas.


With the emergence of frontals, you get the realistic look that would only have been achieved with straightened hair.



Also, frontals give that neat look on your weave, there is no hair scattering here and there. You don’t have to keep looking for a comb and mirror to know if your hair is still in order.


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With full frontals, your confidence is 100 per cent. You can even part your hair in any direction.



Frontals allow you to wear your part on whichever side you choose, even right down the middle for a bold centre part to frame your face.


Most people want versatility when it comes to styling wigs and hair weaves, but frontals seem to be the only option that allows for the freedom of versatility.


Frontals, lace frontals in particular, create such a believable hairline that you can style the hair in almost any style you want as if you were styling your own natural hair.


From ponytails to any parted styles you desire, a frontal hairpiece gives your styling a versatility that you can be confident in.


However, when dealing with frontals, ensure you use the right glue, and in the right proportion.



Depending on the method of installation and how often you perspire, your frontal hairpiece can last for quite some time.


When installed with glue or lace tape, the frontal hairpiece can last for anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks without needing a retouch.


It is also important that you are careful when taking it off to ensure your edges remain intact.


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