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hair breakage

Hair Breakage: How To Prevent And Repair It

Hair breakage is one of the most annoying things ladies and some guys face. You never really can understand why your hair just keeps shedding.


Imagine trying so hard to grow your hair to a particular length, and then, you run a comb through it and see your hair come off with the comb. Sad, right?


Most times, we are the cause of hair breakage. We don’t take good care of our hair’s health and, as such, it starts to break.


There are some important things you need to know to help you prevent breakages. Take a look at some of them below.


1. Stop tugging your hair when it tangles


Most times, your hair breaks more when it’s wet. Do not pull on wet tangles with a hairbrush. Slowly, gently and patiently run a wide-tooth comb through damp strands, starting from the bottom and working your way up the hair shaft. If the tangle prooves too stubborn, apply some live-in conditioner to help loosen the knot before trying to comb through your hair again.


2. Do not overbrush your hair


Ladies, it’s not every minute of the day you need to run a brush into your hair. Let the hair be! 100 daily brush strokes can actually lead to the formation of split ends. Put that brush down!!!


3. Protect your hair from heat


Before picking up your blow-dryer, flat iron, hair straightener or curling wand, make sure to apply a heat protectant. Apply from root to tip, and distribute evenly by brushing through the hair so that no section goes uncovered. Also, use the lowest heat possible on your hair to avoid damaging it.


4. Treat your hair to a little bit of tender loving care


Once in a while, treat your hair to some warm touch. After washing, apply conditioner to your hair. Give yourself a scalp massage with hair conditioner. Make sure to use a deep conditioner formulated with almond and protein to repair and prevent breakage. This should be done after shampooing. Also, always rinse your hair with lukewarm water. Super-hot water can s***p strands of essential oils, which can leave hair feeling drier.


5. Use a cotton shirt to dry your hair instead of a towel


As a typical Nigerian, after washing your hair, your first instinct is probably to rub your hair with a towel to mop up any excess water. That is quite wrong. Towels can be pretty rough. Instead, reach for an old, clean cotton T-shirt. Be gentle with it, carefully blot your hair instead of rubbing.


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6. Wait a while before you blow-dry your hair


Try and give your hair a while to dry on its own before picking up your blow-dryer. When you try to blow-dry your hair immediately after washing, it can take what feels like forever to fully dry your hair. We advise you to wait until your hair is about halfway dry before you start using the blow-dryer since too much heat can damage your hair.


7. Use a silk pillowcase


Silk can be gentle on your hair and skin, so consider investing in a pillowcase made of it so that you’re not roughing up your hair while you sleep. You can also use a silk scarf to tie your hair while you sleep.


8. Trim your hair regularly


Sometimes, the only way to deal with breakage is by having it snipped off. Give your hair a bit of trim to make it levelled and more attractive. Having split or brittle hair ends might also lead to further breakage, so prevent this by treating or trimming off split ends.


9. Do not wash your hair every day


Stop washing your hair every day. It makes the scalp dry up easily, and dry hair can break quickly.


10. Eat a balanced diet


Your hair needs nutrients for growth and maintenance. As such, watching what you eat can also have a good effect on the health of your hair.


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