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Hailey Baldwin Defends Justin After Disclosing He Has Lyme Disease

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Hailey Baldwin, the wife of American singer Justin Bieber, has taken to Twitter to defend her husband after he disclosed he has Lyme disease.


Justin Bieber recently disclosed on his Instagram page that he suffers from this disease. The singer further explained that he will have a YouTube series where he gives more details to his fans.


However, Lyme has been trending on Twitter, with fans of the musician asking what the fuss is about this particular disease.


Hailey Baldwin subsequently took to her Twitter page to tell fans not to downplay a disease they don’t even know about.



Hailey Baldwin, Defends Justin Bieber After Disclosing Her Has Lyme Disease
Justin Beiber and Hailey Baldwin


Canadian singer Avril Lavigne also took to her twitter page to state her desire to create awareness about Lyme disease.


See her tweet below:


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Fans of Justin Bieber have been also all out to stop people from making jest of Justin’s illness by tweeting. Take a look at some of their tweets below.




Hailey Baldwin is doing all she can do to support her husband now that he has gone public with his Lyme disease diagnosis.


We will have to wait for Justin Bieber’s YouTube series to get the full details about this disease, and what he is doing to overcome it.


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