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Hacks To Know Your Girlfriend’s Ring Size Before Proposing

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If you’re wondering how to find out your partner’s engagement ring size without her knowing, you’re not alone. In this article, you will read suggestions on how to measure engagement ring size without ruining the surprise.

1. Use a pen and paper (or your finger) to document their ring size

Hacks To Know Your Girlfriend's Ring Size Before Proposing

You can trace the inside of their ring on a piece of paper and then your jeweller can figure out the diameter of the ring from your sketch.

“The most accurate way is to take a ring your partner wears often while they’re not paying attention and put it on one of your own fingers,” says Alexis Padis of Padis Jewelry in San Francisco. “Then, take a pen and draw a line on your finger directly below where the ring is sitting. After that, head to your jeweller so they can use one of their ring sizers to find the best match. This is based on where the line is on your finger.”


The biggest reason you want to get their ring size right is so that at the very least, it’ll slide on their finger at the time of the proposal. It is important you draw the line on your finger right below the ring, versus above it. It’s better to slightly overestimate their size and it is too big than slightly underestimate it and they’re not able to wear it after you propose. It’s way easier to resize a ring that’s too big than too small.

2. Choose a friend or two that already has an engagement ring

Have one of the friends bring up rings and then suggest they all swap and try each other’s on. When your ringless partner tries their friends’ on, they’ll be able to judge how big or small their ring was on them. They might even drop some hints as to what they want in this conversation. Therefore remind your friends to keep their ears open for more than just engagement ring size details.

3. Have one of your partner’s friends take her on engagement ring shopping

Hacks To Know Your Girlfriend's Ring Size Before Proposing

What do you think will have happen if your partner accompanies her friend to a jewellery shop for ring testing? This is probably the easiest way to know her exact ring size. Well if you are thinking of a strategy to pull this off, then you can stage the visit as a “coincidence”. Perhaps they make plans to go to the mall and when they pass a ring shop her friend suggests that they stop over for ring testing.

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4. Have your partner’s best friend ask them their ring size

This is a bit of a best friend’s duty to make sure your partner gets the ring of their dreams. Why not have a friend, sibling, or parent of your partner say, “At some point, you and I both know, Jim is going to need to know your ring size. I’m not saying it’s any time soon or not soon, but let’s figure it out in case he ever does come to me.”

5. Ask her for her ring size yourselfHacks To Know Your Girlfriend's Ring Size Before Proposing

This is a similar concept to the one above. Most couples do talk about engagement at some point before it happens. It’s completely appropriate to say you’d like to know what their ring size and favourite style is.

The ring you choose, the timing of the proposal, and the way you propose can still be a complete secret no harm in asking directly for their ring size.

7.Make a move while they sleep

If you have a deep sleeper on your hands, this can be an awesome way to figure out your partner’s ring size. While your partner is in Sleeping Beauty mode, take a simple string, fishing line, or piece of paper and wrap it around their finger on their left hand. It could take a couple of nights to get it right, but you’re in the clear as long as they don’t wake up.

8. It can be resized

With all of these tips said, don’t stress it, just know you can always get the ring resized. The key is to get it close as stated above. Even if you err on the side of caution by making it bigger than smaller, you can definitely perfect it later.



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