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Hacks To Keeping Your Jeans Odour-Free

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For some reason, it can get a bit tasking to get down to the laundry business of washing your jeans. You’re not alone because there are several unforeseen reasons why this happens. Sometimes, the mere thought of risking your premium denim to chances of the dye fading just scares you. This is understandable, especially if you own a premium coloured denim. You’d want to preserve the colour.

Don’t wash with detergent to preserve colour

Or maybe you just got a whiff of something unpleasant emanating from your jeans. It’s days like that you need to sort through your hacks for getting those jeans smelling right. Date night would become scare night if your date pinches his nose, or even worse – runs away!

You’d get plat4om blogging about you in a minute, instantly! Scary thought right? Luckily, we’ve got very easy hacks for you and it would save your jeans from the wash for even a year. No wear or tear, no fading, no harm to your jeans.

Apply the tips in the video below when:

  • You notice the knee is slacking
  • There is a repugnant smell
  • The inner part is dirty
  • The outer part has environmental grimes
  • It just feels uncomfortable to wear
  • You just want them to be fresh regularly (at least, monthly)

However, if you’re just all about saving the environment by saving up water, it’s fine. This is because, washing your favourite denim products regularly can use up to 870 liters of water. That’s a lot! So check out these easy ways of keeping your jeans odour free.

Watch the video below:

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