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Hacker Claims To Be Selling Debit Card Information Of 26 Wells Fargo Customers

According to a report from a dark web monitoring security agency, a hacker claims to be in possession of 26 debit cards of Wells Fargo customers. The alleged hacker is intent on selling it on the dark web for $120 per card.


We got wind of this information following a Tweet from Cyble, an organisation that has previously forewarned about threat actors and hackers on the dark web countless times. In the Tweet, the security outfit says:


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This is a real threat if true as it mentions that the information also includes PIN numbers. However, while the Tweet directly mentions Wells Fargo’s Twitter account, it has not responded, at least not publicly.


If it does turn out to be true, the Banking institution would have a major outbreak of dissatisfied customers on its hand. This is not a good time for Wells Fargo to face this kind of security threat. A recent report had claimed that several investors are unhappy with the bank.


This is because their investments have been receiving huge blows this year due to the pandemic and its economic strain.


It seems that hackers and threat actors are finding more time on their hands these days. Or are more people turning to scam to survive the hard times? While this is debatable, one thing is clear; there seems to be a massive wave of internet threats on the way.


Twitter’s bitcoin scam and more recently the YouTube bitcoin scam that used Apple’s Steve Wozniak as a front are all major pointers. It remains to be seen how Wells Fargo responds to this or if the hacker is just bluffing.


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