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Apple Flaw

Hack An Apple Device And Be A Million Dollars Richer

Apple is giving away a million dollars to anyone that can find a security flaw in its devices. The tech giants also announced that the bug bounty program extends to all Apple devices. This includes the macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and iCloud.


$1 million (approximately ₦364 million) will go to anyone who can carry out a ‘zero-click, full chain kernel code execution attack.’ This is not a new initiative, by the way. Apple has been paying iOS bounties for three years now. The company pays researchers to find flaws in the iOS mobile operating system.


However, this time, Apple has now included the macOS and its other operating systems. This includes everything from the iCloud, iOS, tvOS, iPadOS, watchOS and macOS. The amount, which used to be capped at $200,000 (approximately ₦72.8 million), has now been increased to a maximum of a million dollars.


Apple OS flaw


The iOS flaw would be one that can let attackers control the phone without any interaction. This increase in the bounty will encourage more security researchers to get involved and report potential flaws in Apple’s operating systems.


Bug Bounty Program

Earlier in the year, a security researcher detected a flaw in the macOS. However, he refused to submit the flaw to Apple until the company agrees to pays researchers for such detections. It may seem like Apple is being generous. However, researchers usually tend to make more when they sell these sort of flaws in the black market.


Apple is doing a lot to keep its products secure as this is the company’s biggest selling point. Unlike other operating systems, Apple has really strict security policies.


To this end, Apple also plans to supply special iPhones to security researchers to help them find flaws in iOS in 2020. The device will be available to researchers that report bugs through Apple’s invitation-only bug bounty program for iOS.

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