You are currently viewing GTA 6 teases first main female playable character
GTA 6 teases first main female playable character

GTA 6 teases first main female playable character

According to reports, GTA 6 or Grand Theft Auto 6 will feature its first lead playable female character. The latest news about Rockstar’s plans for the upcoming game broke on Wednesday.

As Bloomberg reports, the female character would be Latina, and she would be one-half of the game’s main duo. The characters are influenced by the real-life criminals Bonnie & Clyde, who terrorised the US during the Great Depression.

This news is thrilling because it marks a heavy shift from how most female characters in the early GTA games were mostly h**kers who could be picked up or beaten and robbed.

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Adding a playable female lead character had been in the works since the game studio’s co-founder Dan Houser mentioned it in 2013. However, one has to wonder why it took nine years.

We also recently reported that the football video game franchise, FIFA, would include women club teams in its upcoming FIFA 23 game. These inclusions are likely a way to get more girls into the gaming world as they will see themselves represented in these popular games. It is the kind of strategy that arcade games have used over the years, and it has worked well.

In other related news, GTA 6 will start with a fictional Miami at launch, while other cities will be added with updates. The launch date is yet to be set, and developers believe it will need at least two more years to be ready.

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