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GSend Launches: Gokada Officially Unrolls Parcel Delivery Services In Lagos

Gokada trying to wax strong in the face of what has turned into a sad reality for it launches a delivery service arm called: GSend. The transport firm has seemingly risen above the Lagos State ban on Okada and tricycles.


The start of February 2020 heralded a wind of change that blew motorcycle start-ups in Lagos into oblivion. The State government had stood behind its announcement on banning any mode of high-way transportation, involving passengers, that doesn’t have four tires.


In the aftermath of this decision, such startups as ORide, Max and Gokada had simply gone out of business. However, since the ban, Gokada had been most vocal and seem the most active as well.


But on seeing that the government was not turning back on its word, the company announced a new branch of business. As expected, this new venture will put to use its large stock of motorcycles as well as riders.

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On 19th February 2020, Gokada announced the official launch of GSend, which is a delivery service as explained on its Twitter page.



Interested users can follow the steps outlined below to start using GSend:


  1. Download or update the Gokada in the PlayStore, register and get verified.
  2. Next, enter your pickup and dropoff address.
  3. After this, you enter the parcel details which should include the following: the recipient’s name, phone number and a description of the parcel.
  4. Just below the “Request delivery” button, you will see the time, price and distance.
  5. After you tap the “Request delivery” button, you are matched with a driver.
  6. You can see the photo and phone of the rider and you can contact the person to make further arrangements.


While it is still new, there are complaints about the lack of an update for iOS users and high pricing. Likely, the company will adjust conditions soon to suit the majority of clients.


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