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Group Of WeChat Users Sue Trump Administration Over Executive Order

Some WeChat users are choosing to sue the Trump administration over its executive order banning transactions with the app according to The Wall Street Journal. The lawsuit filed by the group alleges that the ban targets Chinese-Americans.


“It is the primary app Chinese-speakers in the U.S. use to participate in social life by connecting with loved ones, sharing special moments, arguing ideas, receiving up-to-the-minute news, and participating in political discussions and advocacy,” the lawsuit states.


The group argues that WeChat has “become essential to the conduct of daily life for its users, many of whom regularly spend hours each day on the app”.

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The group of users isn’t affiliated with WeChat or its parent company Tencent. They, however, intend to block President Trump’s 6th August 2020 executive order. The group calls labels the executive order as unconstitutional because it violates users’ due process and free speech rights.


The American presidency is banning WeChat and TikTok for what it believes are “Disinformation campaigns”.  It believes that the campaigns are targeted at the American people with the Chinese Communist Party as beneficiaries.


The Trump executive order blocks “any transaction that is related to WeChat”. It also invokes the Emergency Economic Powers Act and the National Emergencies Act. Both, WeChat and Tencent have repeatedly denied the allegations, maintaining that they are not security risks.


Apart from being a social media site, WeChat also facilitates shopping, payments, and other business transactions in China. The app has an estimated 1 billion users in its home country and another 1.5 million users in the US. The WeChat user group consists of individuals who say they depend on WeChat for personal and business purposes.


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