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“GOT” Spoilers? Mute Keywords And Phrases On Twitter With These Steps

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Games of Thrones spoilers are constantly posted everywhere online. Avengers: Endgame is also coming by the weekend, and your online enemies will be posting spoilers too. There is a way to make Twitter a little safe for you. We understand these spoilers can ruin a very crucial part of your film life.


Following these few steps will not ensure total safety, but it is a great preventive measure. You can still enjoy Twitter fear of spoilers.


For example, for Game of Thrones, which is currently in its last and most crucial season, you can mute phrases like “Game of Thrones,” “#GameOfThrones,” “#GOT,” or even names like “Daenerys.”


Mute words on Twitter


What these will do is eliminate any tweets with these words from your timeline. You will only be able to access the tweet if an arch enemy sends it via DM.


Mute words on Twitter for desktop

  1. After logging on, click on the top right corner to reveal the menu option. It is between the search bar and the Tweet button.
  2. Click on Settings and privacy in the menu.
  3. It will reveal the account settings page. On the left side, you can now click on “Muted words.”
  4. The page, on first opening, will give some information on how the mute function works. It will also give you the option to learn more.
  5. Click “Add” once you have understood how it works.
  6. You can now insert the words and phrases you wish to mute and for how long. This way, you will never see tweets with those words on your timeline.
  7. Once you have typed in the phrase, click “Add,” and the words will be muted immediately. You will have to repeat the process for every word or phrase. You can also go back to edit the muted words by clicking on the pencil icon.


On the mobile app

  1. Click on the left top corner of the screen.
  2. On the side menu, click “Settings and Privacy.”
  3. Then click on Content Preferences.
  4. Click on Muted.
  5. Now go to muted words.
  6. It will now give you the “Add” option similar to that on the desktop. Tap Add at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Type in the words and phrases you will like to mute in the box. You can navigate the option of how long you will like the mute to last and where you want to apply it.
  8. Then click on Save.


That’s it. This is also handy if you are trying to clean up your app from curse words or the name of a popular ex.

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