You are currently viewing “Gorilla Glue Girl” Tessica Brown Finally Freed After Surgery By Ghanaian-American Surgeon Michael Obeng

“Gorilla Glue Girl” Tessica Brown Finally Freed After Surgery By Ghanaian-American Surgeon Michael Obeng

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Except you’ve been away from the internet, no way you haven’t heard of Tessica Brown- dubbed “Gorilla Glue Girl.”

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A week ago, the American made a TikTok video that instantly made her an internet sensation; she’d mistakenly used Gorilla Glue on her hair instead of styling spray and it got stuck with the ponytail.


According to her, she had tried washing her hair fifteen times and it wouldn’t come off.

“Those of you that know me know that my hair has been like this for about a month now,” she says at the start of the video. “It’s not by choice. No—it’s not by choice.”

“My hair don’t move,” she continues. “You hear what I’m telling you? It. Don’t. Move.”

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She went on to give updates on the sticky hair situation as thousands of people across continued to show concern for her situation.


The good news is, after four hours of surgery, by a Beverly hills Ghanaian-American doctor Michael Obeng, Gorilla Glue Girl is now free. Tessica Brown on Wednesday, February 10th, flew to meet with Dr. Obeng about the procedure.

Dr. Michael Obeng

The plastic surgeon reportedly used a medical-grade glue remover on Brown’s hair. Dr Obeng also conducted the surgery, which originally cost $12,000 for free.

TMZ reports that Tessica Brown burst into tears after the 4 hours of anesthesia wore off and she was able to run her hands through her now-free locks.


The internet has continued to show love and support for her and a GoFundMe has been created to help with her financial needs.


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