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Google Will Not Shut Down Hangout For G Suite Users… Yet

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Google is giving some consideration to G Suite customers. The tech giant will make Hangout available to them until 2020. In essence, this will delay the shutdown which was supposed to happen in October 2019. The service is expected to still be available to the Google business app users until about June 2020.


When the shutdown finally happens, it will move customers of Google’s G Suite to some new chat services. The Hangouts Chat and the Hangouts Meet video conferencing service will be the new play for the business customers. These services will work in a similar way that Hangouts does. According to Google some of its customers from organisations said they would want more time to migrate from the regular Hangouts to Hangouts Chat.


Google Hangouts


Google now works to migrate its G Suite users to the new services by the end of 2019. It will aid the transitions by adding more features to the regular Hangouts to prepare users for what’s coming. The tech company is also trying to make it possible for Hangout users to view or participate in group chats.


However, it is important to know that these changes will only apply to business users. Google, in its support document, says, “No changes will be made to the consumer version of classic Hangouts. We are continuing to support consumers.”

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