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Google Warns Employees Against Poking Around Sensitive Projects

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Google recently sent an internal email to its employees threatening them about getting fired if they accessed classified information. This comes amidst various scandals hitting tech companies in recent times. The company had had to bow under pressure for its employees to let go of custom search engines for China.


Google workers also recently staged a global walkout on how the company handled s****l harassment cases. According to reports from BuzzFeed news, a Google employee tipped them about an email. The mail had the title, “An important reminder on data classifications.” It stated that the company was getting stricter with staff members about accessing documents without the company’s permission.


Google Employees


According to the reports, if push comes to shove, workers could get fired. However, Google made it clear that it would only follow through with the sack threat if the employee in question intentionally leaked the information. Also, they would factor in if the said employee risked user privacy and data safety.


It seems as though Google is taking more stringent steps with its employees recently. The company no longer records or distributes its weekly staff meetings to everyone at the company. The company executives have also stopped taking questions from its staff during the meetings.


Apparently, one of Google’s biggest appeal as a company had been its inclusion and openness. These new moves are now a far cry from the company’s original design.

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