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Google rolls out VPN app for Mac and Windows computers

— Google VPN is coming to Windows and macOS PC users who are on a Google One premium plan of 2TB and higher.
— The VPN does not offer much and would not be missed by non-subscribers.

Google is offering its VPN services to computers running on macOS and Windows. However, you have to be on a Google One premium plan of 2TB and higher to enjoy the service, and that is not all.

Google’s VPN service is not your typical privacy tool and its several limitations make it confusing. For example, you cannot use it to get past geographical restrictions on live sports and other streaming video content.

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You cannot also choose an IP address from a different country manually, instead, Google will assign an IP from the region you are connecting from.

It appears that just like Apple’s iCloud Plus VPN service, the search company is only focused on security and privacy benefits. Although, since it costs nothing extra, it makes sense that it does not rival the top VPN providers. For now, Google VPN only works in 22 markets.

In related news, the company has begun processing the refunds it promised for people who spent money on Stadia games, subscriptions, add-ons, and more. Google says that it will send emails to affected users and they will be told what transactions they made and the refund attempts.

It says that it would have completed most of the refunds by January 18, 2022, the same day that it plans to shut down the Stadia cloud gaming platform permanently.

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