Google Unveils Post Pandemic Hardware Google Meet Series One

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Google is preparing for corporate life after the coronavirus pandemic with its unveiling of a new system of devices for when people inevitably return to office conference rooms. The devices are called Google Meet Series One.


Google Meet Series one is a package that includes a camera, soundbar with eight mics, and touchscreen remote. The tech giants partnered with the Chinese manufacturer Lenovo to manufacture the hardware.


Google with this device boasts that its artificial intelligence software can automatically pan around the room and focus on people who are speaking. It also says its audio tools can use noise cancellation to block out the sounds of typing and people shuffling around instead amplify people’s voices.

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This is perhaps a new competition for rival’s Zoom. Zoom has been the videoconferencing provider to beat since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The app has experienced a surge in popularity as people had to increasingly rely on it to work and collaborate.


Google has been pushing its Meet video software since the beginning of the pandemic. Its CEO Sundar Pichai in April 2020 said usage of Meet had increase astronomically. Pichai said Meet was adding 3 million new users per day, an increase from the daily 2 million new users it was adding a few weeks earlier.


The Google Meet One is pricey though. The company is charging $2,700 for small room setups, $3,000 for medium-sized rooms, and $4,000 for large rooms.


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