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Google Unveils Doodle Celebrating LGBTQ+ Activist Marsha P. Johnson

Google Unveils Doodle Celebrating LGBTQ+ Activist Marsha P. Johnson

Today, 30th June 2020, Google unveils a Doodle that celebrates a famous LGBTQ+ rights activist named Marsha P. Johnson. In this article, you will learn more about why Marsha P. Johnson is a popular figure in the United States.


According to a Wikipedia article, Marsha P. Johnson was a self-proclaimed drag queen and a popular American gay liberation fighter. Johnson was one of the popular figures that led the Stonewall Uprising of 1969 after a targeted police mass raid.


On 30th June 2019, the organisers of the New York City Pride March honoured Marshal Johnson as a grand marshal. Originally, Johnson was born as Malcom Michaels Jr. but eventually changed her name to Marsha P. Johnson after graduating high school.


The middle initial “P” is Johnson’s response to criticism about her gender and it means, “ Pay It No Mind” in full.

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Johnson lived in Greenwich Village in New York City during her adult years and the village has is popular for its expanding cultural hub for LGBTQ+ people. Not after, Marsha Johnson became an important performer in New York City’s gay performance circle.


Additionally, Johnson was also a model for Andy Warhol, a popular American artist, film director, and visual art expressionist. Before dying, Marsha P. Johnson was an AIDS activist with ACT UP, an international group that is working to end the AIDS pandemic.


To celebrate Marsha P. Johnson, Google had Rob Gilliam, a Los Angeles based animator, design the Doodle that it unveiled today. Speaking on the importance of Marsha P. Johnson, Google wrote:


“Thank you, Marsha P. Johnson, for inspiring people everywhere to stand up for the freedom of themselves.”


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