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Google TV Launches Mobile Remote Compatibility For Its Android Users

Google has added Mobile Remote compatibility for its Android users using Google TV. The convenience feature launch will definitely help users who are fond of losing their actual remote controllers. Users looking to use the new feature can either add the remote tile to quick settings. This can be done from an Android phone or via the Google TV app.

Google TV
Google TV

This support seems to be only available for users running Android 12. Google says the mobile remote feature will also be coming to Andriod TV OS users in the future. This smart feature saves strenuous minutes of typing in passwords, names using the physical remotes.

The process

Intelligently, the mobile remote makes a lot of sense, as we already use our phones for most online streaming services. Google TV users can now quickly search for titles of movies, series on their smartphones.

We might just see a Foldable from Google during its Pixel 6 and 6 Pro event. The first next-generation smartphone coming from Google is known as the “Passport”. Definitely rings a bell, yes the blackberry smartphone name.

Google Pixel Fold is coming - Android 12 Beta 4 code reveals -
Google Pixel Fold 3 render

Reports from reliable leaker Evans Blass, also known as @evleaks published the leak via his tweet account on September 20th 2021. He also mentioned the device was found in Google’s next mobile operating system Android 12.1.

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Leading the foldable market is Samsung’s galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3. Google will have to produce hardware that matches these smartphones in order to compete. One trending hardware feature is the high-end 120Hz screens available on the iPhone 13, Flip/Fold 3 and other premium smartphones.

Cameras are not an issue, as the Pixels currently lead that space with their impressive artificial intelligence imagery.

The new mobile remote feature creates a lot of convenience for Google TV & Android users. Although, users will need to have an Android 12 capable smartphone to access the feature. It is not known yet if this functionality will come to iOS.



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