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Google To Launch Licensing Programme Aimed At Paying Content Publishers

Google has revealed that it has plans to reward content publishers under a new licensing programme that will launch by the end of 2020. Learn more about this payment plan that Google has disclosed for the news industry.


In a statement from the company’s VP Product Management for News, Brad Bender, Google wants more people to be able to read content while rewarding content creators as well. Bender argues that the news industry is important now for people to be aware of what is going on as regards the global pandemic and concerns about racial injustices as well.


He further explains that not just any news outlet will benefit from the programme. Instead, he says:


“This program will help participating publishers [monetize] their content through an enhanced storytelling experience that lets people go deeper into more complex stories, stay informed and be exposed to a world of different issues and interests.”

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Google will start out with publishers in many countries around the world; it mentions signing partnerships with publishers in Germany, Australia, and Brazil. However, it assures that it will reach more locations soon.


Another advantage of this licensing programme is that Google will pay for free access to publishers who run paid article access platforms. It says that this will both allow more readers to get access to important content and also reward the publishers as well.


The product will first be available on Google News and Discover. It adds some of its achievements in supporting publishers in the past which includes;


— Directing people to news sites 24 billion times a month

— Giving publishers the opportunity to offer ads or subscriptions

— Increasing audience for publishers’ contents.


This licensing initiative will be another huge contribution that Google is making to support the news industry in these trying times. It had previously waived ad fees for news agencies in April 2020.


Meanwhile, Google does not outline any strict criteria for content publishers to qualify for this licensing programme. Likely, it will depend on how rich and unique your content is, and also, how reputable your platform is.


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