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Google ‘Thanos’ For A Surprise

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It is officially Avengers: Endgame opening weekend. The blockbuster film is already breaking records around the world. It has already broken the record for the biggest box-office opening of all time in China. It raked in a whopping $107.2 million on the film’s opening day.


The film is already trending online worldwide, and Thanos is about to become the most searched-for word on Google today. A new fun thing is going viral on Google’s home page on both desktop and mobile devices.


Here is what it is.


If you go on Google and type ‘Thanos’, a list of searches will pop up. Look to the top right and click on the gauntlet — that’s Thanos’ glove. Some magical things will happen.


Go ahead and try it now.


What happens is that, as you click the multiple-ringed gauntlet, the glove snaps its fingers. Then the infinity stones wipe out half of the search results on the page. It does it in a very similar fashion to when Thanos wiped out half of the universe in Avengers: Infinity Wars.


The screen then moves to searches that will now gradually disappear into ash. You will also see the over 90 million results drop to about 45 million in less than a second. You can later click the glove again to restore normalcy.


Social media is already going agog with it. This has got to be Google’s coolest Easter Egg.




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