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Google Steals Attention At The Super Bowl 2020 With Assistant ‘Loretta’ Ad

Google got less than two minutes to advertise ‘Loretta’ at the Super Bowl 2020 commercial break and it succeeded in pulling an emotional heist. At a stage that featured the biggest football event, the tech firm managed to get its head through the doors of people’s hearts.


The ad, titled ‘Loretta’, is already available on YouTube which is also owned by Google. It features some of the amazing features that the software can do.


An aged voice does the cover of the short video clip that begins with the question: “how to not forget”. It had first shown some basic Google results to the question that includes memory enhancement techniques.


However, by the time one realises what Google is doing, they are already in too deep. The rest of the video is the voice telling Google Assistant things to remember about Loretta who is possibly the man’s late wife.


The heart-wrenching ad concludes after the man tells the software that he is the luckiest man alive with background sounds suggest he is in an elderly people’s home.

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See the full Google ‘Loretta’ ad below:



According to Forbes, the average cost for a 30-second Super Bowl spot this year was $5.6 million. Which is the highest cost ever in the event’s history. Also, there was the fact that Adweek estimated that there will likely be about 50 commercials airing throughout the course of Super Bowl 2020. This is far lesser than the 91 that aired during Super Bowl 2019.


Reactions started pouring in early after the commercial ended. Twitter users tweeted about the emotional reach of the ad, with some posting memes of crying.


It is even more touching after USA Today published an article that the ad was actually a true-life story. The media company tweeted:



Also, superstars Jennifer Lopez and Shakira gave electrifying performances that made the Super Bowl 2020 even more memorable.


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